WeWood Overview

The idea behind the brand WeWood is fairly straightforward. For every watch sold, a tree is planted. WeWood hit the scene with an avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability by teaming up with tree planting partners, ‘American Forests’ and ‘Trees for the Future’. They also teamed up locally with ‘Conservation Volunteers’ where they made the vow to plant one tree for every watch sold.

Many people are obsessed with having the latest fashionable timepiece in this day and age. However, most of these timepieces are not eco-friendly or sustainable. WeWood creates fashionable timepieces with a difference, by designing wooden watches with the intention to leave a positive environmental footprint. The watches are made of completely natural materials and are totally absent of anything toxic. Helping to restore Mother Nature, one watch at a time has proved to be a rewarding facet of the WeWood business. Within the first three months of operation WeWood had helped to plant over 5,000 trees with American Forests.

The watches themselves are made from mostly scrap wood and use miyota movements. The majority of the wood used in the WeWood watch collection is taken from the offcuts of furniture factories all over the world. This results in a totally unique watch that looks great, is kind to the earth, and is even splash proof. The watches use different types of woods, and incorporate different faces and bands for a collection that truly stands out, all while making a difference. Some of the wooden materials you can find used in WeWood watches include:

  • Indian rosewood from India.
  • Maple wood from the United states and China.
  • Walnut wood from Eastern Europe and Western Asia.
  • African Blackwood from Central and Southern Africa.
  • Reclaimed Teak wood from Indonesia.
  • Verawood from South America.

You can learn more about each type of wood used on the website, with information about what they are usually used for and what qualities they are thought to hold. You can also watch a video with more information about the trees that are planted for each watch sold. Every watch is unique and each combination tells its own story. The watches are totally hypoallergenic, and although they are unique, you can clearly see the craftsmanship in them. These watches are durable and built to stand the test of time. WeWood know that sometimes it can be difficult to wait for a quality product like this, which is why they offer same day delivery to customers when watches are ordered before 3pm.

There are multiple watch collections, including anniversary watches and special occasion gifts. There are collections for both men and women, as well as unisex watches that are designed to suit both. The different styles are vast, with colors ranging from deep chocolate to neutral beige. You can find WeWood watches covered in flowers, snake print, and even camouflage patterns.

WeWood plans to expand on their growth year upon year and have inspiring goals for the future.