Branched Company Overview

Branched was born in Melbourne, the brainchild of two friends who had an interest in both fashion and sustainability. Branched was designed with the two aspects in mind; bringing exclusive, yet sustainable styles across the world to the Australian market. We focus on only eco-friendly, on trend products and we’re passionate about giving back to local communities.

Branched is the environmentally friendly mother company behind WeWood, a wooden watch retailer, as well as the sustainable sandal and sunglasses companies Alohas and Proof.

Our Mission

Branched’s mission is to help the planet as much as possible with the help of sustainable, eco-friendly products. Whether this is a pair of sandals or sunglasses, we know that the smallest positive action can make huge ripples around the world.

Exclusive, Sustainable Products

The sustainable products we offer are high quality and durable, so they’ll stand the test of time. Everyone you know probably owns a pair of sandals, sunglasses, or a watch. We offer unique alternatives that are just as good as the products you’re used to, with one big difference: they leave a positive environmental footprint. Many of the products we offer are made from wood that has been gathered from offcuts from furniture factories. There are many different high quality woods used in manufacture, for instance, Teak and Indian Rosewood. Wood is a renewable and sustainable resource, and feels great to wear too. That’s why we offer products that utilize it in the best way possible. The more products that start using wood in their designs rather than metal and plastic, the better off the planet and the population will be.

With our sandals, the sole is made from a recyclable material, so you’re literally leaving an eco-friendly footprint wherever you go. In the future, we hope to be able to offer you and even wider range of sustainable products that make a positive impact on the environment!

We know the products we sell turn heads wherever they go. Don’t be surprised if you get many compliments and questions. You won’t want to go back to your old products after trying these! We make sure the products we sell are not only environmentally friendly, but highly fashionable, so you can look good while doing good. Each individual product is truly unique and original.

Fair Wages For Workers

One thing we’re sure of, is that the manufacturers of our products are getting a fair wage. Unethical manufacturing can be a huge problem in different places all over the world, with workers getting less than the living wage yet working overtime hours every day. Workers behind our brands are compensated fairly for their hard work, and we won’t partner up with anybody that doesn’t have a clear policy.

Giving Back To Local Communities

Giving back to local communities is important to us too. Whether this is raising money for an important cause or planting a tree for every product sold, we make sure we’re benefitting the planet as much as possible.

Branched Vision

Branched is one of the leading online stores for eco friendly, sustainable fashion products. By buying from us and choosing one of the brands on our site, you not only get a completely unique and sustainable product, you also give back to a different cause with each company. We hope to extend our range in the future and vow to continue helping the planet in any way we can!

Proof Eyewear

Proof Eyewear make the finest wooden sustainable sunglasses and eyeglasses in the world. They are handmade, customizable, high quality, and good for the environment. Proof is always involved in different charities, and they love finding ways to give back to the community. With every pair of wooden glasses sold, they pay for sight giving surgery for somebody who needs it in India. Usually, this is cataract surgery. For each pair of glasses sold, one surgery is funded by Proof. They also replant the wood used in the glasses for future use, and were the ones who initiated the industry’s first recycling program.

WeWood Time Pieces

WeWood Time Pieces are completely absent of any toxic or unnatural materials. Various woods are used to create different styles, and each watch is unique, telling a different story. No tree is cut down in the making of these watches. Most of the wood sourced is taken from the off cuts of furniture factories, and 100% recycled. For every watch sold, a tree is planted. Their goal is to restore Mother Nature, one watch at a time. Within the first 3 months of operation, WeWood planted over 5000 trees in conjunction with American forests.

Alohas Sandals

These leather sandals with a recyclable rubber sole are handcrafted in Spain using the highest quality materials. The Alohas team enjoy influencing people to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and regularly set up fun activities for communities to get involved in. This follows on from their success in raising $5000 for the people of Haiti after the earthquake in 2010, by setting up a race in which 300 people took part in their home state.  

Why We All Need To Take Better Care Of The Environment

So many products these days aren’t made from sustainable materials, aren’t recyclable, and create a negative impact on the planet in general. We only have one mother earth, so making an effort to care for her better should be everybody on the planet’s concern. We must think of the future, not just for ourselves, but for future generations. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping the planet with eco-friendly products.

Our Plans For The Future

In the future, Branched hopes to be able to offer you even more of your favorite products, made from sustainable materials. The more we all make an effort to work with companies who leave a positive eco footprint, the better for each and every one of us. One person, and one positive action really can make a difference to the world!