About us

Branched - we search so you don't have to. 


  • Branched was founded in Melbourne by two friends in 2012, offering unique, sustainable and innovative products to the Australian market.
  • WeWood Watches was introduced to maket in 2012
  • Proof Eyewear was introduced to market in 2013
  • Alohas Sandals was introduced to market in 2014
  • Under new management in 2015, restructured with a focus on Unique and Innovative fashion accessories, while maintaining its sustainable roots.
  • Branched shopping site was formed in 2016
  • Venque Bags was introduced to market in 2017
  • New brands added to Branched online store that compliment our core brands, including Memobottle, Frank Green, Swell and Leff Amsterdam.
  • Mr Boho coming soon to Branched in 2018

The team at Branched pride themselves on the unique and innovative products that put our customers ahead of the fashion curb. You can feel confident knowing our products are high-quality, completely unique and technologically advanced. We are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributors for WeWood Timepieces, Venque Bags & Accessories, Proof Eyewear and Mr. Boho Timepieces and Eyewear (Coming Soon)

At Branched we emphasise innovation. The power of the human mind to be creative is what makes us all unique. We believe in products that change the idea of what people want to wear or use. Our brands underline our ideals to be both innovate and sustainable. The sustainable and eco friendly products we  offer are high quality and durable, so they’ll stand the test of time. We are not a fan of mass produced products so be rest assured our products are carefully designed and made by artisans. 

A little bit about the brands we love....


Proof Eyewear makes some of the finest wooden sustainable sunglasses and frames in the world. They are handmade, customisable, high quality, and good for the environment. Proof is always involved in different charities, and they love finding ways to give back to the community.

With every pair of wooden glasses sold, they pay for sight giving surgery for somebody who needs it in India. Usually, this is cataract surgery. For each pair of glasses sold, one surgery is funded by Proof. They also replant the wood used in the glasses for future use, and were the ones who initiated the industry’s first recycling program.


WeWood Time Pieces are completely absent of any toxic or unnatural materials. Various woods are used to create different styles, and each watch is unique, telling a different story. Most of the wood sourced is taken from the off cuts of furniture factories and is 100% sustainable. For every watch sold, a tree is planted. Their goal is to restore Mother Nature, one watch at a time. Since 2011, WeWood has planted over 500,000 trees in conjunction with American forests. 


VENQUE is a global luxury travel and accessories brand born in Toronto, Canada. Featuring a wide selection of bags and backpacks, our products are handcrafted and designed for the modern, fashion-forward traveler. At VENQUE, we make bags for your adventures, wherever they may take you; bags for men and women created with both design and functionality in mind. Made from innovative Quanta Fabrics, invented and used exclusively for VENQUE products, and featuring genuine leather accents. VENQUE will be your go-to accessory whatever the occasion.


In 2013, Mr. Boho spawned from the creativeness, will and eagerness of a young, professional team which thought that they might have something to say in the fashion industry. Mr. Boho prides themselves on their unique and creative range of watches and sunglasses. The bright colours and eccentric designs set them apart from the rest of the competition. Look good, stand out from the crowd!