Alohas Overview

Alohas is a Hawaiian word meaning love, used as both a greeting and a farewell. This brand designs many different sandals with eco-friendly soles in Barcelona, which are inspired by the laid back nature of Hawaii. The designs are then handcrafted in Spain using only the finest materials. Alohas also pride themselves on ensuring that Spanish people are paid a fair wage to make the products.

Alohas consists of four childhood friends who enjoy spending time in nature. Although they are all passionate about traveling new places and exploring new cultures, they are more than aware of the deterioration of the environment, as well as social problems in the world. After raising more than $5000 by getting 300 people involved in a race to help those who suffered Haiti earthquake, they realized that even a small group of people could make a difference to the world. By offering fun activities for the community to get involved in, they continued to influence people to take up a more sustainable lifestyle.

When the financial crisis hit Spain, 3 out of the 4 had to leave Spain in order to pursue opportunities elsewhere. Each one had been collaborating and taking part in different social projects, but they realized these projects weren't as fulfilling. After discussing what they could do, they came up with Alohas, their own sustainability project. When they thought back to their time away, they realized that each one of them had been asked about the sandals they were wearing. The sandals then became the foundation of the Alohas brand!

The Alohas sandals are designed by local Spanish artisans. The Alohas brand is designed to be fun, but also to shed light on Spanish culture and to help boost Spanish economy. By wearing their sandals all summer, they promote a message of a fun, sustainable lifestyle. The most popular sandals were women’s leather and the silver/gold products, so they decided to focus on this. A toddlers and kids range of sandals has recently been released in the hopes of being just as successful. All of the sandals come in different hues and patterns, including leopard print and rose gold. You can also buy brightly colored sustainable espadrille style shoes from Alohas.

How Alohas Help The Planet

Alohas don’t use boxes to package up their sandals. They have a recyclable sole, and are 3 times more durable than your average flip flop.

How Alohas Help People

Alohas give back to people in a positive and worthwhile way by teaming with non-profit organisations and creating fun, sustainable community events. The manufacturing of the sandals is ethical, with fair wages and ethical working conditions.

Although small, the group remain confident that their idea can make a big difference to the world. The smallest effort can make a difference to the environment, local economy, and society in general.

Purchasing wholesale and stocking the sandals is easy, and there’s a line you can use for enquiries depending on what part of Australia you are in. You can also use the contact form or send an email. Alohas sandals are stocked all throughout Australia.